Willow Creative EN

Willow Creative is an experienced cosplayer from the Netherlands.

She’s 26 years old and has made costumes as early as 2011, though before 2011 she was already engaged into a lot of different creative outlets such as fanart and crafts. Cosplay really became a thing around 2015 for her, when she discovered making costumes was the perfect outlet to combine creativity and fandom and showing it to the world. The biggest things she enjoys about cosplaying is the never-ending stream of ideas to try to make something become reality, learning new techniques and machines to accomplish this, and to show the end results to everyone. That’s why most of her work is very diverse and you’ll see her try to make crazy things only few have ever seen before.
She has a college background in gaming and digital art, and as such she is experienced in 3D patterning and 3D printing as well as the addition of self-taught skills such as sewing, foamsmithing, wigs, LEDs and electronics, all while building and learning everything solo. There are very few techniques that she’s never dipped her toes in, since she loves to learn something new to complete each project!