Application Cosplay Village

You want to present yourself as a Cosplayer, network with other cosplayers, or just try out what it feels like to have a booth at a con?

Then we have just the thing for you!

At the YuniCon Cosplay Village, you can display and present your Costumes, Props, Pictures etc. We will provide you with a Table (1 or 2m) and a chair in the main Hall of the con, which you can decorate and run to your satisfaction. Show others your skills, meet new people and be in the Center of Attention!


Important: Its is prohibited to sell any sorts of goods in the Cosplay Village. The only exception are print products (Pictures, buttons, etc) that show your work.

In exchange for your work and effort we will provide you with a Con Ticket, and we hope that you will have a lot of fun!


There is a limited number of spaces availabe, so if more people register than there is space, the participants will be drawn to promote fairness.



You can apply by sending an Email to

To apply, please copy the Info below into your Email and fill it out: 

Subject: Cosplay Village Application 2021 (Your Name)


First Name:


Tel Nr:


Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.):

Table Size: 1m/2m

Power outlet (if possible): ja/nein


Please attach the following files:

  • A picture of you in Cosplay (for promotional purposes)
  • Pictures of what you want to display at your booth 

Important! We only accept applications in this format. Sending any other format will result in being invalid for a cosplay booth. 

Important! maximum size per file is 5MB, maximum size for the email is 25 MB!

Registration Deadline: 15.9.2021


Disclaimer: The organizers of YuniCon are not responsible for any damaged or stolen goods.