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Theres lots of Cosplayers at YuniCon. All of them know the feeling of meeting someone of the same fandom at the con. Therefor we have something new for you!

You want to meet other people of your fandom? No Problem! Just organize a meetup through our Calendar so other people can meet up for Group events!
Heres a list of Cosplay meetups that have already registered. In case your theme is not in there yet, just suggest a new Event!

Cosplay-Meet Ups at YuniCon

Cosplay-Thema Tag Uhrzeit
League of Legends Sonntag 12.08.2018 14 Uhr
Pokemon Samstag 11.08.2018 14 Uhr

Announce Cosplay Meet Ups:

Yu want to organize a Meet Up, and announce it through our page? No Problem! Just fill this form, and thats it!

Important: Should you know before the event, that you cant make it, pleas tell us so we can remove the event.

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