Weapon Rules

Weapon rules YuniCon

Not permitted:

  •   Any weapon that is prohibited by austrian law, or is illegal (Guns, jack- or spring knifes, etc.).
  •   Objects that can cause injuries due to their sharp blades, points etc.
  •   Electrifying objects (Tasers, Cattle prods, etc.).
  •   Irritant subjects dispensers (Pepper spray, mustard spray, etc.).
  •   Tools that are meant to distract people by light or sound.
  •   Laserpointers with a power output of more than 1mw.

partially permitted:

  •   Weapons made of metal or wood (dependent on Size and build).
  •   Weapons bigger than 2 m.
  •   Airsoft Guns are only permitted without ammunition and gas/battery.


  •   Weapons made from materials like Foam, styrofoam, Balsa, etc.
  •   Weapons smaller than 2 m that are within these guidelines.

Weapons will be checked by our security. They decide on wether or not the weapon is permitted. In case a weapon is not permitted, it has to be left at the weapons check and picked up when you leave. In case of weapons that the security is not allowed to take (guns, pyrotechnics, etc) the visitor has to be expelled from the location. If the person is not permitted to carry these items, a report will be filed with the police. Even if they have a permit, the person can be expelled if they threaten other people or do not act accordingly.

Weapons for stage performances

In case a weapon is not permitted, but is required for a stage performance, it is possible to use it after the security agrees, but only for the certain time window on stage, while accompanied by a security.