Craftastic Cosplay Contest EN

Craftastic Cosplay Contest


Crafting is very important to a lot of people in cosplay, often people spend months and weeks for little details to perfect the costume. The love for Details often gets overlooked, but we have just the thing for you!
In this Contest, the quality of your Costume will be judged by the skills and methods you used.
No matter if you prefer Sewing, Armor Making, Wigs etc, heres your chance to prove your skills! Judged by the international Jury, take your chance to win it all!



Judging is split into multiple categories. There will be one winner per category, and a overall champion. These are the categories:

Needlework: Everything that has to do with sewing
Armor: Everything that has to do with making armor and armor pieces.
Wig&Makeup: Wig- or Hair styling and all kinds of Face- and Body Makeup.
Craftsmanship: The usage of multiple techniques in your costume and the quality of your overall work
Propmaking: Making of props and accessories such as Weapons, jewelry, etc.

Every Category gives between 0-10 points. The sum of all points will determin the overall winner.

Costumes wil lbe judged during Pre-Judging, every participant has 10 minutes to present their costume to the Jury. Part of the Jury will be only speaking english, so please note in your application, if you need help with translating. There will be a helper on site, that will support you in this case.

A performance on stage is not neccessary, and will not be rated. You will present your Costume on stage, by doing a couple of poses.


To register, write an email to

Copy the data below, paste it into your E-Mail and fill it out:

Subject: Application Craftastic Cosplay Championship (your  Name)


First name*:


Date of Birth*:

Tel Nr*:


Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.):

Name of the Character*:

Source (Series/Movie/Game/Anime etc)*:


*neccessary info

Please attach the following Files:

  • a portfolio in PDF format (max 10MB), which should contain:
    • 1-5 detailed reference images
    • 10 to max. 15 WIPs (Work In Progress pictures, pictures of your work)
    • A list of used materials
    • An approximate amount of Work time
    • (short) description of your work steps as well as your material choices. (preferably in english)
    • picture of your (mostly) completed Cosplay.
    • The portfolio can not be more than 30 pages.
  • A Reference Image of the Charakter (for display on Stage, max 5 MB)

Important! Only applications in this format are accepted. 

Registration is open until 16. 10. 2021

Each participant gets a starting number as well as a time slot, in which they will be pre-judged. Please be at the pre-judging at least 10 minutes before your slot, to prevent delays.


The participation Limit is 20. In case there are more applications, we will hold a pre-selection with a dedicated Jury, who will select the 20 participants. This Jury is not the same as jury at the event, and just judges the applications. Therefor it is important that your application is as complete as possible.

Only after you receive your starting number and your time slot, you will be part of the final contest.

Reasons for exclusion/disqualification:

Costumes, that have already placed in other contests, are excluded from participation. The same is valid for OCs or personal Characters. Costume Variations are only permitted with reference arts, such as designs by Zach Fischer or Hanna Alexander Designs.

Furthermore, costumes, have to be at least 80-90% self made, or you will be disqualified. (Exceptions for stuff like shoes, usage of another persons 3d printer if you made the model, etc).

You are only eligible for participation, if you are 16 and over at the time of the pre-selection.

Should any of these exclusion/disqualification reasons come to light after the contest you will be retroactively disqualified, and by applying to this contest, you agree that you will return the entire prize, if such things come to pass.

The rules can be slightly changed due to errors or spelling mistakes.


  • Craftastic Cosplay Champion: 1000€ + Non Cash Prizes + Guaranteed Spot at Pixelmania 2020 + YuniCon Mascot Trophy
  • Best Needlework: 200€ + Non Cash Prizes + Trophy
  • Best Armor: 200€ + Non Cash Prizes + Trophy
  • Best Wig & Makeup: 200€ + Non Cash Prizes + Trophy
  • Best Prop Making: 200€ + Non Cash Prizes + Trophy
  • Best Craftsmanship: 200€ + Non Cash Prizes + Trophy


Should you have questions, feel free to contact us at

Important! Please be aware of the maximum file sizes, as the registration form will not send correctly if the files are too big.  

Good Luck at the Craftastic Cosplay Contest at YuniCon!