“Halloween” Cosplay Performance EN

You like being on Stage and always wanted a chance to scare the audience? 

Your cosplay is not complete without fake blood and special effects makeup? Halloween is in your blood? then this contest is perfect for you!

Our cosplay performance contest this is year is focussed around Halloween. A costume is required, but its up to you to adapt it based on the theme, as your cosplay will not be judged seperately.


A costume is required. It does not have to be self made. All types of performance are permitted, like Dance, Monologue, Dialogue, etc. Its just important that they fit the basic theme!

Both Groups and Single participants are welcome. Please keep your performance in good taste, no depiction of violence or pornographic contents. Please take care that your costumes fit you well, and use shorts/safety pants to prevent wardrobe mishaps.

If you want to submit an audio file, please be aware that it has to be cut to the correct length, the longest possible performance can only last 3 minutes ( 5 minutes if you participate in a group of 3 or more). The most common audio formats like mp3, flac, oga or m4a are permitted, maximum file size is 5 MB.

The Jury grades your performance based on authenticity, entertainment value, originality or resemblance, and execution. The first 3 Places get awarded.


1st Place: 250€ + Non Cash prizes + Trophy
2nd Place: 150€ + Non Cash prizes + Medal
3rd Place: 100€ + Non Cash prizes + Medal


You can apply by sending an Email to Cosplay@yunicon.at

To apply, please copy the Info below into your Email and fill it out: 

Subject: “Halloween” Cosplay Performance Application 2019 (Your Name)


First Name*:



Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.):

Character Name*:

Source Name ( Movie/Anime/Game/etc)*:


*Neccessary info

Please attach the following files:

  • Audio File for your Performance

Important! We only accept applications in this format. Sending any other format will result in your application being invalid.

Important! maximum size per file is 5MB, maximum size for the email is 25 MB!

Registration ends on 27. 09. 2019

We keep the right to preselect participants based on number of applications. Rules can be changed accordingly if neccessary. Should you have any questions, feel free to message us at  cosplay@yunicon.at

We wish you good luck and fun for the Cosplay Performance Contest at YuniCon!