Creepypasta contest

You love scary stories? Nothing scares you? You love to write and are looking for a new challenge? 

Then this writing contest is made for you!


  • Fan Fictions and original works are allowed.
  • Teamwork is permitted.
  • Stories have to be self written.
  • Your story shouldnt be longer than 1600 words.
  • Language: German – Please contact us if you want to participate and cant write german.
  • Even tho the topic is creepypasta, only g-rated storys are allowed.
    This counts for sexuality and also gore – a good horror story can be scary without gore 😉


  • Spelling/Grammar
  • Style
  • scaryness factor
  • originality

Your Application must include: 

  • Your name (Can be Artist name)
  • Your Story
  • If its a fan fiction, which fandom its from

Send your application to with the topic: Creepypasta


Place 1-3: Various Prizes

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on Saturday, you have to be at the ceremony to receive your award.

Deadline: 16.10.2021

The Jury comes from the publisher Littera Magia