Figurine Photo contest EN

Welcome to the Figurine Photo Contest!

Our motto fitting to the Halloween theme is “Under the Bed”
Whats hiding under the bed? Who knows? Its probably just dust…

Everyone can participate and collect points, based on how well the photo fits the theme!
All you have to do is take one or multiple figurines and take a picture that fits the topic. Everything is possible – from phone pictures to professional dslrs.


You can choose between two categories:

„Little Edit“
In this category, you can participate with pictures that only have minimal editing and retouching. It is allowed, to change brightness, contrast and crop of the picture. Filters, Effects, etc are not allowed. You can use different techniques to your advantage (e.g. Using rain as an element in your photo).

„Monster Edit“
Here you can do whatever you want. Add fire, glow, lighting etc. Everything you can do in your editing software is allowed!

Please add the original photo when you register, so we can rate your work better. No Watermarks!

Participants can participate in one or both categories.
Discriminating, racist, violent or pornographic pictures are excluded.
The photo must have at least one figurine. They need ot have some sort of connection to anime, manga, games or comics. Not allowed:  childrens toys, barbie dolls, porcellain dolls, and similar, as well as kinder suprise toys.


The picture will be displayed at Yunicon. The print size needs to be at least 2000×3000 pixel, or a4/a5 format. File formats: Jpg or png.

The picture can not be published prior to YuniCon.

What we need:

  • Finished picture and unedited picture
  • Category in which you want to compete
  • Name of the Character and series of the figurine
  • Name and nickname
  • WIP/Making of pictures
  • Title and story of the picture


You can apply by sending an Email to

To apply, please copy the Info below into your Email and fill it out: 

Subject: Figurine Photo contest Application 2019 (Your Name)

Artist name:

First Name:



Category: Little Edit / Monster Edit

Figurine name (Series & Charakter):

Picture Name und story:


Please attach the following files:

  • Finished Picture
  • Original image
  • WIP Pictures

Important! We only accept applications in this format. Sending any other format will result in your application being invalid.

Important! maximum size for the email is 25 MB!

Registration ends on 27.09.2019 um 23:59 Uhr.

Please send any questions to