Sound Quiz EN

Do you love listening to anime soundtracks? do you know every song by heart? Can you recognize a melody within seconds?

Then the YuniCon Sound Quiz is just right for you. Prove your musical memory, make a group with up to 6 of your friends, and fight for the title of “YuniCon Sound Champion”!

You compete in teams of 3-5 people against other teams, and fight your way to teh finale, where the final 4 teams have to battle it out against each other. Your ears must be on point, because you only get a 15 second sound clop. You then have to name the Anime, OP/ED/OST, Title und Interpret. You get one point per category. If you can name all 4 categories correctly, you get 5 instead of 4 points.

What you need:

  • Per Team: 3-5 People
  • Names, Group name
  • Max. number of teams: Max. 16 Teams
  • Registration at the info booth

May the best music nerds win!