YuniCon is looking for the SuperMeme EN

YuniCon is looking for the Supermeme

powered by Austrian Cosplay Memes

Youve always wanted to have your Meme exhibited at a Con? The internet isnt enough for you and you wanted to be the winner on a big Screen?
Now you have the Chance – because YuniCon is looking for the SuperMeme!


  • No previously published Memes
  • Your meme will be denied for:
    -poliotical and religious topics
    -pornographic content
  • One Meme per person
  • No specific rules for size, shape or quality  – should be easily displayable on screen and printable on A4
  • Topically it should focus on Cosplay, Cons, Anime, Manga, in the best case connected to Austria.

Send us your Email with your Name, Artist Name and the Meme until 24.10.2021 00:00 to .

Every Application will be displayed at Yunicon, unless its against the rules or doesn’t fit with the topic.


Place 1-3: Various Prizes
The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on Saturday, you have to be at the ceremony to receive your award.