Dead by Daylight Fan Booth


We are a Dead by Daylight Cosplay-Group, named 5-shoku.
We are four Friends, who cosplay survivors and Killers from the Game “Dead by Daylight”, do Photoshoots, produce Fan movies, and try to bring other fans of the game joy.

Our members all participate in the creation:
Sandy Misaki: organizer, sews costumes, develops ideas, photographer, painter
Daniel: 3D print expert, technician, camera man
Sasa: Mask maker, costume seamstress, first aid expert (in case someone gets unconcious out of fear *grin* )

We will be at the Convention dressed as characters from the game, and will present our props and masks at our booth. We will also have some selfmade jewelery and decoration objects (prints, keychains, pillow covers, etc) that you can win in our giveaway, where everyone can participate once a day. We will try to add some fitting flair to the convention and will have a small backdrop to take pictures with you!
At our booth, you can see weapons and typical elements from the game.

What’s Dead by Daylight: Dead by Daylight is an asymetrical Survival Game in which four survivors are pitted agains a killer. It is their goal to escape, while its the killers task to offer them to the mysterious entity.
We cant wait to meet you!