Flying sushi theatre EN

After a fight starts among the heroic Students from A-University (also called “AU”), Shouto Todoroki runs out of the Classroom and doesnt show up for the next day.

Master Detective Kogoro Mori (assisted by Ran und Conan – … a little less bySonoko) is brought in and has a dark theory: It was murder. So the trio starts questioning the students and go undercover as new students.

But not only Todoroki is missing. On the day of the yearly cleaning of AU – and the connected celebrations- Sailor Jupiter suddenly disappears. Her hungover Friends start searching for their friend and their memories from the day before.

It doesnt help the situation, that a fight breaks out between the Kickers and the Volley Ball club – with thier youngest (?) member Kogoro.

Between the sports contests (Sumo, fencing and dance) on the sports grounds, overcooking testosterone and daddy issues, one question remains: What happened to Todoroki Shouto?


To celebrate ten years ofFlying Sushi Theatre, we give our best once more. For our Anniversary piece we not only have created a series Crossover, but we also tell multiple stories over 4 Acts (+Epilogue). Here, acts cross over, stories connect, characters appear in Stories that are not their own, and only in the end, everything will get solved. We hope you enjoy!


Disclaimer: This performance will be held in german!