Host Club EN

Welcome to the Host Club

The Host Club offers a unique atmosphere, a seperate bar, and the possibility to take pictures with your hosts!

Pick your host and a package of your choice!

Entertainment will also not be cut short! Starting at 11pm, the hosts will enterain you with lots of show acts!


Chill Package

  • Book a host of your choice
  • one drink included
  • take a pic with your host and get an autographed card
  • best choice, if you want to play it cool
  • Cost: 5 Euro

Duo Package

  • Book two hosts of your choice
  • two drinks included
  • take a pic with your hosts and get two autographed cards
  • best choice, if youre 2 people or a group
  • Cost: 12 Euro

Shot Package

  • Book one host of your choice
  • 8 shots of your choice and an autographed Card included
  • best choice, if youre gonna party hard
  • Suggested after 11pm
  • Cost: 15 Euro


Our Hosts: