Pen & Paper „Athenas Siegel“ EN

Athenaes Siegel is a club in Vienna established 1985, which is mainly involved in the promotion and playing of role play games (“Pen and paper”).

For this purpose, the club regularly comes together in gatherings where role-playing rounds are held. Some examples are ” the black eye “, ” Dungeons & dragons “, ” Shadowrun ” and many others, including some lesser known and no longer current systems.

It also supports its members by keeping a library that allows members to play without having to buy any rules themselves. Our Role-playing groups find together either in advance, or directly at the gatherings – depending on the requirements of the individual dungeons. In order to participate in the gatherings, it is enough to just stop by and join. If you want to play on the first night, but not yet have a character, it is recommended that you send us a short message in the forum. This way we can clarify what youre interested in and prepare for it.

Our Association is also present at various events in Austria to present our hobby to the public and to promote it.

pen and paper