Pokemon-Quiz EN

Hey guys^^

The pokemon quiz goes into the next round, this time at YuniCon!
You love pokemon and want to prove your knowledge with difficult riddles? then youre just right for this!

How it works:

Friday: riddles at the booth just for fun

Saturday: 12-17:00 (registration 10-12 at the booth)

Sunday: 12-16:00 (registration 10-12 at the booth)

please be aware that the participation limit is 50 per day (you can come by to solve some riddles for fun anytime!)
You will receive a new quiz-sheet every hour after 12:00 and you have one hour to solve it.

What do you need:

Pens, camera/phone, Motivation^^

3DS Challenge

Should you have your 3Ds and pokemon sun/moon with you, then you can participate in teh 3DS challenge^^ Once per hour you get a small task, that you have to solve on your 3DS. You can win sweets and in-game prizes!

We cant wait for your participation!

Pokemon Quiz
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