Intro to LEDs and Electronics for Cosplay

Want to get into LEDs to make your costumes stand out even more?

 See awesome cosplayers walk around like a christmas tree and be the center of the convention? But you’re intimidated by voltage ratings, model numbers and exploding batteries?
Join the LEDs and Electronics panel by Willow Creative at -insert event x- and learn how to add lights and moving parts to your costume the easy way.

During this panel, professional cosplayer Willow Creative will show you the in’s and out’s of adding electronics to your costume, where to find the right type of leds and how to apply them to get the right effects for your project. We will start off with finding the right plug-and-play light strips, and slowly delve into adding switches, light animations and even adding motors to move parts of your costume, such as wings.
As last: tips and tricks on how to extend your battery life, add the right batteries to your costume and how to pick the right types of LEDs and motors for your project. 

It’s not that scary!
Panel, links and information can be downloaded at before, during or after the lecture. 

Duration: 1 hour

participants: unlimited

Language: English

No registration required.