Tea ceremony workshop EN

Do you want some quiet time at a hectic convention?

Visit our Tea-Club and experience a traditional japanese Tea-Ceremony. the Ceremony in its simplest form is called Oboncha, or tea on a tray. In this workshop you will see, how a simple tea ceremony is done. The style is based on the way of the tea by master Urasenke. the type of tea, that is server is a light tea, or Usucha. Even tho its called “light” Tea, the tase is strong and delicious.  The tea looks different than a western tea, because the leaves are steamed and crushed, and then dissolved in water, not dried and packed in a teabag. Do you wanna try out japanese flavours? Come and visit this workshop by Kythana&Co.

Duration: ca. 1 hour

Language: English

Participant limit: 30

Registration at the info booth