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YuniCon wouldn’t be possible without helpers, Therefor we are greatful for everyone, who wants to be part of Team YuniCon! Youre interested in seeing a convention from the other side? Here’s your chance!

To be a Helper at YuniCon, you have to be 16 years or older. In case you don’t speak German, please put your language(s) into the info box. We are happy to have people from other countries, but we need to know where to place you depending on language.

  • What qualifications do i need to be a helper? To add to the quality of YuniCon, it’s advantageous that you are good with people and can stay calm in most situations. Our goal is to bring a fantastic event to our visitors, and therefore every helper is important!
  • I want to help, but i can’t go all three days. You can pick a timeslot, in case you don’t want to be a helper for the whole event.
  • Can i pick where i want to help? While applying, you can pick the areas you prefer to work in. Please be aware, that we can’t always fulfil all your requests, and it can happen that we need you in a different area.
  • What do I get? Obviously being a helper isnt just work. You also get a ton of benefits at the convention, such as a specialized golden ticket that only helpers can get, a yunicon crew t-shirt, as well as food and drinks during the time you work at the con!
  • I want to be a helper! but will I be able to even see anything of the con?  Every helper has a fixed number of hours that they will work during the con. The plan will be orginized together with the crew leaders, and you will have enough free time to still enjoy the con. We will try and consider your wishes for the planning, but it can not be guaranteed that you will be free for a specific event.
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