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Here you can find all infos for YuniCon Tickets. Tickets can be bought directly at the con, at our presale sites, and in our online shop.

Eintritt frei bis 6 Jahre

The presale ends on October 21st, 2022, after that tickets can only be bought directly on site (There will be enough tickets available on site)


TicketsAdvance SaleOn Site 
Con ticket28-30.10.2237,00 40,00 
Ticket collectors set 20215,00 8,00 
Ticket Friday28.10.2216,00 18,00 
Ticket Saturday29.10.2222,00 24,00 
Ticket Sunday30.10.2218,00 20,00 

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The ticket will be sent to you digitally via E-Mail (In case you did not receive the mail within 24 hours, send us an e-Mail to Please bring your printed ticket with you, or alternatively show the QR-Code at the ticket booth on site. It will be exchanged into the physical ticket.
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